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He learned the business of Ateliers Reunis, the case and bracelet shop that houses the museum. He quickly realized that making a great watch is not the same as creating a great Omega Constellation Replica. There is no set of guidelines; it is up to the Stern in charge of making decisions about what Omega Constellation Replica is or is not. "In the end I decided to design a watch which could be worn by both my father and myself. A watch that would fit my father's generation as much as my own. For me it is one of the few pieces, perhaps the only piece, which is a mixoftwogenerationsof theSternfamily.

"The production was difficult at the time. When we did create a prototype I liked, it was impossible to realize in large quantities. It was difficult to make new lugs that were both strong and refined.Replica Omega Constellation These lugs were difficult to polish, especially the angles. After polishing, they should be sharpened. But thanks to my apprenticeship at AteliersReunis, I didn't take 'no for an answer." We found a solution in the end.

More polarizing were push pieces. "Fifty percent of people suggested that I use round pushers, while fifty per cent recommended rectangular. Rectangular pushers were a bit more aggressive, and I felt they were slightly younger. My father did not intervene, but I know that he preferred round.

More than a Number

Combining perpetual calendar with chronograph communicates a lot of information. Thierry's primary concern was to make it all understandable. "For that. I needed more space than what the 3970 allowed. I was having so much trouble reading the month and day indications that I almost added a magnifier to the glass.Replica Tag Heuer Watches That would have been too radical. I instead tried to simplify it and we tried about 20 dials.

Thierry also had to make sure that the sub-dials didn't look cluttered in the middle of a relatively empty dial, since the Lemania-based movement was the one that had proven itself in the 3970. In those days of watches getting bigger with each passing month, many designs were rushed to make a greater difference in the dimensions of the dial, the case it was housed in, and the calibre itself.