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Berlin collides. These are my first thoughts on the bustle and noise of this city. In a small area, history, cultures, and identities -- on opposite sides of the spectrum -- collide, while new developments are built over old ones. Thomas Hohnel is a product designer at Rolex Submariner Replica Glashutte. "Berlin has been ripped apart, then put back together. You can see this throughout the city. It's become a hub." It was reassembled, it would seem, by creative energy. The wall came down and a burst of technicolor creativity exploded,andit'sevident everywhereinBerlin.

Berlin looks like Banksy's playground because of the sheer volume of street art. Berlin is covered from head to toe in visuals. Berlin is a noisy city, with lots of construction going on. It's also crowded with people who have their fashion trends at least two years ahead. It's no wonder Rolex Submariner Replica decided to base its in-house design agency, Berlinerblau(which literally translatesto"Berlinblue"), in the heartof the city.

Uwe Ahrendt is the CEO of Replica Watches. He says, "We couldn't do what we do without our Berlin design studio." With our Glashutte manufacture, we have the prestigious watchmaking part and the tradition - you wouldn't achieve this quality in Berlin. This type of design is not possible in Glashutte. Glashutte may be good for watchmaking quality and historical prestige, but it is not good for design inspiration," says he. He shows us the Rolex Submariner Replica catalogues and the white Glashutte labeled curved glass bottles that say 'This water makes you smarter'. He takes the bottle, saying: "We would not have these catalogs or ads or even these bottles without Berlin." Berlinerblau is responsible for this. Everything you see, from advertisements to press releases and website content to videos showing their production to the watches themselves all start in that design studio.

Berlin is a fascinating mix of the old and the new. The East Side Gallery, a section of Berlin with the largest remaining portion of the Berlin Wall, is covered in graffiti, paintings, love locks, and poems.Fake Audemars Piguet Royal Oak Watches But it's also apparent at Berlinerblau. It's also evident at Berlinerblau, which is located next to a cozy Thai Restaurant in front of Landwehr Canal. The white brick building has a red brick entry and wrought iron balusters along the staircase inside.

The wooden floors creak as I walk up the stairs leading to the design headquarters. It's obvious that the building has been redecorated and repainted, but like much of Berlin it still feels as if it's an old structure. Once you're inside the design offices, it becomes clear that this is a Rolex Submariner Replica structure.

The offices are filled with sunlight from the tall windows. Apple desktops spin with designers at work, some of whom sit on ergonomic balls. The first wall you see upon entering the office is a blue neon sign that reads "Ahoi Glashutte!"