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What is your strategy towards the US?

Brands are focusing on the US. This year, we launched several US exclusive timepieces - a "Stars & Stripes Executive Tourbillon" and the "Semper Fortis", from the Marine Torpilleur Military Collection. We will continue designing products for the USmarket.

This is a stunning piece. How important is it for Rolex Day-Date Replica and will it attract new customers?

The partnership between Rolex Day-Date Replica and the US Navy has been important to us, both in terms of technical recognition as well as storytelling. The partnership started in the early 1900s when the Naval Observatory of Washington tested our Marine Chronometers. We were selected in an international competition for our precision and reliability. When I joined the brand for the first time, I hired a historian who would dig into Rolex Day-Date Replica archives. He discovered a story about the partnership withthe U.S. Navy that was not previously

What is the brief of the new diver? Why do you think that it will be successful?

Diver Chronometer has always been a part of the collection. The Diver Chronometer is the latest evolution. The core principles - the signature strap, the in-house manufacturing technology, and the reliability – were kept, but we gave it a sleeker, more modern design.

Rolex Day-Date Replica Diver Chronometer

Rolex Day-Date Replica offers a wide range of products from traditional watches to high-quality watchmaking and true innovation. What is the biggest challenge in telling the story of the brand?

On the one hand we have the history of Rolex Day-Date Replica and our historicMarine chronometers. The Freak is a brand that's at the cutting edge of technology.replica breitling watches It is important to connect these two pieces in order to see that innovation runs through them. Rolex Day-Date Replica was driven to be the first in precision and accuracy from its beginnings, and that's what continues to drive us today.

What is it about Rolex Day-Date Replica's potential that excites you?

Rolex Day-Date Replica has a rich history of more than 170years. What we do today is a continuation. This company has always invested heavily in R&D and manufacturing. Rolf Schnyder infused a daring mindset into the company that permeates all we do.

I am very proud that Rolex Day-Date Replica is not driven by marketing or trends. Our first priority is to be a manufacturer. I inherited a R&D team that is not only focused on the present, but also the future. They are always asking us how we can improve on what we have. You can see it in the Freak Collection. How can you make it better? Youmake itautomatic, youmake it thinner, youprogress.Thisishowwecreated theFreakVision.